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Keith Segerson was born in Madrid, Spain, where his father was stationed as an Air Force fighter pilot. From that international start, the entrepreneur roamed the world tending to business. And while he never spent time in a cockpit, along the way, he became a Top Gun in his own right. 

When Segerson was 3 years old, his father was transferred to Ohio, and the toddler thought it in his best interest to join him. Good move. Segerson grew up in the Buckeye State and attended Ohio University, majoring in business and marketing.

Upon graduation, he moved to Houston and worked for 10 years in the IT industry. “I worked for companies that had a global footprint, so I began my international business career at a relativity young age,” said Segerson.

In 1990, with substantial experience gained in the technology field, he accepted a job at George Mason University as a manager on