Port of Waterford supporting international trade through Covid-19 crisis – Waterford Live

The Port of Waterford is continuing to operate through the Covid-19 global pandemic as an essential link for businesses trading globally from the southeast region and beyond.

Export and import traffic continues through the Port and there was a 23% increase in container traffic and a 15% decrease in bulk throughput in the three months to March 31 this year compared to the same period in 2019.

Overall, the first quarter of the year saw 113 ship movements at Waterford compared to 112 in the same three months in 2019.

Frank Ronan, Chief Executive, Port of Waterford, said: “Protecting public health is clearly the top priority for everyone at present and that’s as it should be. Some of the food and pharmaceutical shipments that we facilitate very much align with that effort.

“The team who operate the services at Belview can be very proud of how they have adjusted their ways of working to reduce the risk from COVID-19 and of the vital part they play in keeping imports and exports moving. We are also fortunate from a business perspective to have entered this period in strong