Liberalization & Restriction Of International Trade Amid COVID-19 – Update Of Turkey’s Measures On Imports And Exports – International Law – Turkey – Mondaq News Alerts

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The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to affect the global economy
as well as our everyday lives. Indeed, the World Trade Organization
estimates that global trade is likely to fall steeply in every
region of the world and across all sectors of the economy. In an
optimistic scenario, the volumes of global trade in goods could
tumble by 13% in 2020. If the COVID-19 pandemic is not kept in
check soon and if governments fail to coordinate policy responses,
the decline could amount to 32%, or more.

With a view to enhance the ability of their countries to fight
against the pandemic, many governments have imposed export control
measures while liberalizing the importation of the very product
subject to export control. Turkey too adopted a series of measures
on imports and exports of certain products. The measures taken by
Turkey since the beginning of the epidemic are outlined below.

Measures concerning exports

The first case of infection from COVID-19 in Turkey was detected
on 11 March 2020. A week before, on 4 March 2020, the Ministry of
Trade subjected, through the Communiqué no 2020/4 Amending
the Communiqué no 96/31 on Products Whose Exportation is
Prohibited and Subject to Prior Authorization, the exportation of
personal protective equipment to the Pharmaceuticals