Don’t confuse COVID spam for customer relations – Inside NoVA

“Somewhere between 20% and 70% of new customers will decide to stop doing business with you in the first 100 days” of a contract, according to Fortune 100 speaker and best-selling author Joey Coleman.

Unfortunately, The Wall Street Journal reports, many companies are actively driving away customers by sending so many COVID-related e-mails that “information” is becoming spam – and causing people to hit “unsubscribe.”

As parts of Virginia enter Stage One of the pandemic reopening, the state’s small businesses must consider how to use customer relations and branding to not only acquire customers – but also how to retain them.

A great marketing campaign and sales strategy can turn prospects into customers, but keeping customers during an economic downturn requires understanding what they want and need – and how they want to hear it. Only through precision brand communication can clients be retained and possibly turned into greater profitability for