Doing Business Overseas: The Trust Thing – China Law Blog

International lawyer

As a business lawyer who specializes in international transactions, I spend about half of my time working on legal strategy with my clients. I describe legal strategy as figuring out what the right way is to get from A to B, and those are often separated by international borders, vast oceans, and language and cultural barriers, on top of the regular uncertainties and struggles of doing business. When looking to do any sort of overseas business, trusting the company with which you will be doing that business is paramount. It is paramount because if something should go wrong between your company and that company, securing a legal remedy will almost always be more difficult than it would be for an entirely domestic dispute. I always encourage my clients to be fair and even generous in their business relationships but plan that at some point the relationship will deteriorate to the point where they need to start rereading their contracts, focusing on rights, remedies, and