Console Vault grows and consolidates business in Wooster D+S Distribution’s Nichols B Facility Perfect Fit – Wooster Daily Record

WOOSTER – The D+S Distribution Nichols B facility in Wooster is the new home to Console Vault, the original in-vehicle safe, according to a news release from D+S Distribution.

The company was founded in 2002 with principal offices located in Nevada focusing on e-commerce and distributor sales. In 2015 D-Terra Solutions, a long-term strategic partner with D+S, acquired a majority ownership in Console Vault and tapped into the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sector.

The Console Vault assembly team initially operated out of the D+S Bowman facility. Formerly Bauer Ladder, the 65,000-square-foot building sat vacant for over a year and suffered widespread water damage before purchased by D+S. It was the company’s most expensive renovation until the recent Console Vault project.

Expansion inside the OEM sector and the desire to consolidate its e-commerce division necessitated Console Vault’s move to the larger facility, according to Jon Ansel, president of D+S Distribution. “Successful businesses find ways to partner with clients giving them a competitive edge. When our clients grow, we grow with them,” said Ansel in a prepared statement.

Renovations to the Nichols B facility cost $100,000 and were completed by June 1. The clean room assembly area is a self-contained unit with a designated entrance and enhanced security requiring the Console Vault team to use a keyed entry ID. The operation is International Automotive Task Force (IAFT) and ISO certified. Enhanced HVAC and lighting upgrades, insulated steel siding and several door and window replacements are some of the changes inside