TricorBraun Statement in Response to US International Trade Commission Determination on Imports of Glass Containers from China –


ST. LOUIS, June 9, 2020 – Global packaging leader TricorBraun today issued the below statement regarding the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) determination in favor of Chinese exporters, in the injury phase of the countervailing duty investigation of imports of glass containers from China. As a result of the ITC decision, no countervailing duty order will be issued on Chinese-manufactured glass, and the duties previously calculated by the Department of Commerce will be removed.

“As the largest distributor of primary packaging and the largest distributor of wine bottles in North America, with robust supply chain expertise, an expansive, sustainable footprint comprised of both domestic and international suppliers, and unmatched purchasing power and scale―we are our customers’ reliable packaging partner. We will continue to ensure our customers’ bottles are there when they need them.

We fully support the U.S. International Trade Commission’s decision as we have been active in this case since October 2019, when distributors, led by TricorBraun, participated in an ITC hearing, disputing the notion that any problems of the U.S. industry are caused by low-priced Chinese imports. We will continue to work with our broad network of suppliers—throughout China, other parts of Asia, the U.S. (including the two U.S. suppliers comprising the petitioner, the American Glass Packaging Coalition), Europe, South America and the Middle East―to meet our customers’ needs.

We stand ready to serve