Self-interest shapes China’s policies toward international trade – WION

The European Union warned of “very negative consequences” if Beijing goes ahead with a new security law on Hong Kong that the West says will curtail basic rights.

Calling China a partner and a rival, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Beijing had not followed up on a 2019 deal to allow greater access for European companies in China or drop rules requiring investors to share their know-how in Chinese joint ventures.

The Chinese were unreciprocated towards the meeting. The video summit did not produce any results. No joint statement was released. For EU — the lack of progress on trade negotiations is a sore point. For china — the EU raising a voice against the new security law is irritating. The European Union officials warned China of very negative consequences — if Beijing goes ahead with the law.

Some have called on the EU to take China to the international court of justice. Others have called for economic sanctions. Last week — a resolution was introduced at the EU assembly. The Chinese parliament went berserk at this move. This is the latest flashpoint.

China rebuked EU saying — do not interfere in our domestic affair. During the video call — the EU was tough on China. The US has been pressurizing it to take a more hardline view towards China. But — the bloc had been reluctant to alienate either superpower. It’s difficult —there is a lack of unity among its 27 member states. Many have been courted by