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Finding her Way from Medicine to International Business

Rachel Hoffer never anticipated that she would end up studying business. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish at CU Denver. She went on to study to be a nurse practitioner, and she always thought healthcare and medicine were her calling. However, she found herself considering making a change. “I always said I got into nursing because I wanted to help people. That is still very much true. However, I realized as I continued with my education that while I find it fulfilling to help people on an individual level as a nurse, I want to have a broader impact.” Rachel believes that business provides the perfect opportunity for her to have an impact on the world.

When Rachel realized that she wanted to make a career change, she wanted to stick with her alma mater, CU Denver, by finding a program in the system that fit her desires. She found the CU Denver Business School and decided to try out a couple of classes. She took a class on International Entrepreneurship with Manuel Serapio, Ph.D, International Business Professor. She had several conversations with him, and he helped convince her to pursue a career in business. “When I found out more about the International Business program, I thought it was a perfect