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How WTO Translators and Interpreters Enable International Trade

The World Trade Organization (WTO) translates 43 million words and interprets more than 1,500 sessions annually. Overseeing multilingualism at the WTO and the publication of content in its three official languages (English, French, and Spanish) is the Language and Documentation Services Division.

The Division provides interpretation services at WTO meetings, translates official and administrative documents, publishes these documents in print and on dissemination platform Documents Online, registers notifications of trade measures by Members, and provides graphic design support for publications and events.

All full-time translators and interpreters at the WTO work under the Division, Josep Bonet, Division Director, told Slator. “The headcount of regular staff, according to the establishment plan is 114, of which 46 are translators. The internal interpretation team is made up of five interpreters (i.e., 2.5 booths). All the remaining interpreters are freelancers,” Bonet said.


He added that they also employ 19 translators on short-term contracts, another 20 translators under full-time, retainer contracts, and a variable number of staff for outsourced work, such as printing and graphic design as well as interpretation and translation.