International-Ports: Guangzhou eyes international trade boost with channel widening –

In the first seven months of 2020, Guangzhou-Nansha’s volume sat just under 12 million TEU, a 1.9 percent increase over the same period last year. Photo credit:

China’s fourth-largest port is pledging to service the largest container ships even faster as it completes a $336 million widening project aimed at boosting the port’s share of international trade.

Guangzhou Port Authority added about 142 meters (465 feet) to the ship channel leading into  the Nansha container terminal, bringing its width to 385 meters (1,263 feet), the terminal’s owner said.

The four-year old widening project will allow bi-directional traffic along the 44-mile-long channel. The port said the project will reduce the time that ships have to wait for a berth window at the only deepwater container terminal in the western part of the Pearl River Delta.

Yi Bo Li, chairman of state-owned Guangzhou Port Group, said the company’s Nansha terminal will “make full use of the new advantages of newly built channels to improve port service efficiency, reduce integrated logistics costs, and strengthen integrated transportation hub functions as well as jointly build coastal connections with customers.”

Ultra-large container ships, which can carry up to 22,000 TEU, are up to 60 meters (200 feet) in width. Vessels that size have been able to call on Nansha for the last four years. 

The Guangzhou-Nansha port is one of the largest along China’s southern coast, exceeded only by Shenzhen, which sits further out of the Pearl River.