(Global) Trade Schools: You Can Travel the Country or the World for Solid International Trade Studies – Global Trade Magazine

The mission of is, as the name implies, find the best school for a particular student. When it came to recently determining the best schools in the world for international trade education, the website followed the now-beaten path of looking at what the competition has done along the same lines and crunching all the data collected to arrive at conclusions.

Specifically, used the lauded QS rankings “as our point of departure,” setting those findings against the conclusions of, which relies on machine learning and search algorithms to characterize academic influence on the web (and thus avoiding the human bias that infects most academic rankings).

“By weighing both the QS Programmatic World Rankings and Academic Influence’s rankings, we not only created a unique ranking of the top 50 business and economics programs, but we reveal why each university business and economics program appears where it does,” states’s introduction to “The 50 Best Business and Economics Programs in the World Today.”

Global Trade has taken a deeper dive, winnowing from “The 50 Best Business and Economics Programs in the World Today” those institutions that specifically focus on international trade.

1. Stanford University

Palo Alto, California

Opened in 1891 and located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford serves 7,000 undergraduate students and 9,000 graduate students. Founded in 1925, the Stanford Graduate School of Business offers an MBA, an accelerated master of science in management, and a Ph.D. Students can also choose to participate in Executive Education programs or two global certificate programs. And Stanford’s