International trade in services in Q2 2020 –


Review of the Balance of Payments services exports and imports for Q2 2020 (Joint release by the Bank of Lithuania and Statistics Lithuania)

Export and import of services decreased in Q2 2020, compared to the same period last year (by 20.6% and 29.5% respectively), reported by the Bank of Lithuania and Statistics Lithuania.

The surplus of the balance of services remained positive (€1.2 billion, or 10.1% of GDP) and contracted by 8.2% over the year (see Chart 1).

In Q2 2020, year on year, exports of travel services (87.9%) and imports (89.1%) fell most rapidly (see the table below).

Transport services comprised the main bulk of export and import of services (64.0% and 55.9% respectively). In Q2 2020, the