New U.S. sanctions on Iran will disrupt import of medicine, food: international business professor – Tehran Times

TEHRAN – Professor Hossein Askari, who teaches international business at the George Washington University, says the recent U.S. unilateral financial sanctions are cutting off Iranian banks from the international banking system, thereby making import of medicine and food by Iran much more difficult.

In an interview with the Tehran Times, Askari says, “U.S. sanctions on Iran are an act of war.” 

Hossein Askari, who served as special advisor to Saudi finance minister, tells the Tehran Times.

On Thursday, the Trump administration introduced sweeping new sanctions targeting Iran’s remaining financial sector. Sanctions target eighteen Iranian banks. 

My guess is that Trump and Kushner will get a bigger payday from MBS if they do more harm to Iran and Iranians.  Professor Askari says, “Iran will face shortages of food and medicine” due to the new sanction, noting “average Iranians will suffer from this inhumane and cruel policy.”

Following is the text of the interview:

Q: How will the recent U.S. sanctions on Iran affect the country and the average Iranians?

A: These are essentially unilateral financial sanctions cutting off Iranian banks from the international banking system. The U.S. is telling U.S. banks that they can have no dealings with Iranian banks. But as with other sanctions the U.S. will impose secondary sanctions, or what is sometimes referred to as the concept of extraterritoriality, on banks from other countries doing business with Iran. The U.S. tells them that they must also cut all relations or they will face fines and be barred