Ohio Aerospace Institute, International Trade Administration partner – Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

Joe C. Semsar, The Deputy Under Secretary for International Trade, Performing the Non-Exclusive Functions of the Under Secretary for International Trade, recently met with Dr. John Sankovic, President and CEO, Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI), for a signing ceremony of the U.S. Trade and Investment Strategic Partnership Memorandum of Agreement between the International Administration U.S. Department of Commerce and the OAI.

“The commercial aerospace supply chain is global and offers tremendous opportunities for market expansion to U.S. manufacturers,” Sankovic says. “As a past recipient of the President’s “E’ Certificate in recognition to export service, the Ohio Aerospace Institute is excited build on those successes and to partner with the International Trade Administration (ITA) on future projects to help American businesses grow.”

Within this agreement, OAI will collaborate on education and trade development for companies in the aerospace sector. OAI will work with the aerospace team in the ITA. The memorandum of understanding establishes a partnership to advance ITA’s mission to enhance the international competitiveness of U.S. industry; and encourage U.S. businesses interested in exporting and foreign businesses interested in investing in the United States to seek the assistance of ITA and the Ohio Aerospace Institute.

“The International Trade Administration is incredibly appreciative of OAI’s hard work to help move global competitiveness forward,” Semsar says. “With the signing of today’s agreement, ITA and OAI are now officially strategic partners in our effort to strengthen the competitiveness of U.S. industry and improve the global business environment.”

OAI will create a