US/Europe Trade: COVID-19 Vaccine, China, Iran – The National Law Review

States continue to certify their election results in the United States (US), amid ongoing legal challenges from US President Donald Trump.  With temperatures cooling and holidays approaching, governments on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean continue to evaluate the situation and impose or refine restrictions as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday, 16 November that he would self-isolate, after a Member of Parliament that he interacted with tested positive for the coronavirus.  COVID-19 similarly affected the ongoing trade talks between the European Union (EU) and UK this past week, yet talks are set to resume this coming week, amid a narrow timeline to achieve a deal that can be implemented before year-end.  COVID vaccine candidates remain a bright note, with at least two of the US-led Operation Warp Speed candidates on track for US regulatory approval in December.

Meanwhile, digital services taxes (DST) were on the radar again,