Annexation request could add 56 acres to New Albany International Business Park – ThisWeek Community News

New Albany officials are considering a request to annex 56.2 acres from multiple Jersey Township landowners.

City Manager Joe Stefanov said the land would become part of the New Albany International Business Park, where 15,000 people are employed.

The land is east of Beech Road, adjacent to Jug Street and near Smith’s Mill Road, which leads to the business park.

“The community is growing, and annexing parts around the business park are critical to that growth and we think prosperity of the region,” Stefanov said.

New Albany City council started the legislative process Dec. 1 by allowing Stefanov to enter into an agreement with township officials.

The next step is approval from the Licking County Board of Commissioners. Next, it would return to City Council for approval after 60 days.

Aaron Underhill, an attorney representing all the landowners, said the largest section of land in the annexation request, 26 acres, is from the Herman trust, whose trustee is Maria Herman. She owns the two easternmost parcels.

John and Joyce Wagner own three parcels to the west of and adjacent to the Herman parcels.

The other two tracts that are the subject of the annexation request are located to the west of and adjacent to the Wagner parcels. One is owned by a subsidiary of American Electric Power and the other is owned by Licking Rural Electrification Inc.

New Albany officials are considering a request to annex 56.2 acres from Jersey Township.