For Communities, Fostering Business-to-Business Connections Is the First Pillar of an International Strategy – GlobalAtlanta

Editor’s note: This article was written by Amanda Shailendra, managing partner of The Pendleton Group, and is published as part of the firm’s annual sponsorship of Global Atlanta. 

Amanda Shailendra

Nurturing strong business-to-business connections with the right partners in the right locations is the first step for any community looking to attract international trade and investment.

At The Pendleton Group, we see these business ties as the first “leg” of a community’s “three-legged stool” of international strategy. Along with government partnerships and educational exchanges, B2B connections are key to forming a holistic strategy for attracting international trade and investment.

It might seem obvious, but communities that capitalize on existing business relationships have a much greater chance of success attracting investment from abroad. 

Business leaders currently living and working in a community may have links to potential partners in their sector – or even in unrelated sectors – in other parts of the world. 

We encourage communities to