GTR’s top 10 long reads of 2020 – Global Trade Review (GTR)

Over the course of 2020, GTR’s magazine features investigated the key happenings and trends occurring in trade and trade finance.

From how the global scramble for personal protective equipment became an opportunity for criminals, to why gender-linked finance could boost international trade, GTR’s features have shed light on the major issues facing the trade community in the past 12 months.

Having analysed online page views and asked editorial team members for their long read picks, here is a rundown of our top features of 2020.

1) Trade finance blockchain consortia: where are we now?

Our most popular long read of 2020 was concerned with the progress, and sometimes lack thereof, of the various trade finance technology platforms that have surfaced in recent years.

GTR examined the business models, legal setup and products of four key platforms in the trade space;, Komgo, Marco Polo and Contour.

In the time since this feature was published, cut around half of its workforce after struggling to secure funding, while Contour left beta, bringing the platform into full live production.

2) Fraud, money laundering and cybercrime: how Covid-19 has changed the threat to banks

Nobody could have anticipated the disruption that the pandemic has – and continues to – cause.

Covid-19 brought about new opportunities for criminals; trade in counterfeit medical supplies soared, while lockdown regimes changed patterns in cybercrime, fraud and money laundering.

In the first half of 2020, Interpol stated that Covid-19 “has offered an opportunity for fast cash, as criminals take advantage of the