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January 2021


Happy New Year!

We wish our College community and international partners a healthy and productive year. Despite serious challenges facing academic institutions, we had many exciting developments in 2020. We are featuring events from 2020 and some new initiatives in our first international newsletter.

International Partnerships

We continued to work with our international partners throughout the pandemic. We had many meetings online where we discussed our current and future programs and opportunities. To show solidarity with students, we created a photo grid that included representatives from our College and 10 international partner universities. The photo grid displayed the message “Dear students, we may be miles apart, but together we can overcome anything.”

International Business Partners

We received an extension on the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) grant, which provides important funding for our joint research activities with our partner SGH Warsaw School of Economics in Poland. With that extension, we will be organizing a joint research symposium, which will be in a webinar format. The grant extension will also allow us to have another research meeting next Fall.

International Business Blog

We started a new blog series in May 2020. This is a new initiative of the International Business Programs in the College of Business. So far we published 10 blogs that included contributions from the